Planned Events

Santa Gathering 2019 Events

September 5th,6th,7th & 8th

Lancaster PA


September 5th  

In Ben Franklin Hospitality Room 

2:30 pm-5 pm                                                     Registration and vendor setup

6pm-8pm                                                              Shady Maple

September 6th:

6:30 am-9 am                                                       Buffet breakfast   

In Palm Court

9 am-9:30 am 

 Fashion Show Practice- Mrs. Claus   Annette                                             

Field Trip Activities

9:30 am 12 pm 

  Turkey Hill Experience and Lab $13.75 per person

9 am-11 am   

  Miniature Golf $5.25 per person

11 am-12:30 pm   

 Strasburg Railroad $13.50  per  person

Training sessions


Developing relationships-Working together as Mr. & Mrs Claus – in Robert Fulton

Using Social Media – in Statesman A


Reading With Children – in Robert Fulton

Tax Law-Beginners – in Statesman A

Grooming Basics – in William Penn

3:30pm – 4:30pm

On Being Mrs. Claus – in Robert Fulton

Tax Law-Advanced – in Statesman A

Balloon Art – in William Penn

In Palm Court

6 pm-9 pm                              Little Italy Buffet Dinner & Entertainment

September 7th  

6:30 am-9 am                                                                 Buffet breakfast   

Field Trip Activities


 Meet in  lobby for trip  to Dutch Wonderland (Dress is  Santa casual

10 am-11:30 am 

 Dutch Wonderland                                                     

11:30am-1pm                                                             Lunch on your own

Training Sessions

1pm – 2pm

Hygiene for the Holidays – Hygiene for Mrs. Claus – in Robert Fulton

Magic and Storytelling – in Statesman A

Visiting Sick and Dying Children – in William Penn

2:15pm – 3:15pm

Branding and Marketing Mrs. Claus – in Robert Fulton

Thrifts to Gifts – in Statesman A

Roundtable Discussion – Real life Issues with Children – in William Penn

3:30pm – 4:30pm

Insurance and Liability – in Robert Fulton

Balloon Art – in Statesman A

Children and Adults with Special Needs – in William Penn

In Palm Court

6 pm – 7 pm                                           Saturday night Buffet Dinner and 50/50

7:15 pm-8 pm                                       Fashion Show

8pm                                                          Closing of Santa Gathering 2019

September 8th:

 Get away breakfast

Note: Check white board in our hospitality room daily for any changes in events!

++Vendor Rooms are Statesman B, C & D (Rooms4, 5& 6)

Thanks for Coming!!  Santa Gathering Executive Committee:

Santa Paul Nagy                                  Mrs. C Annette Falkevitz   

Mrs. C Shirley Wenner                       Santa Greg Puskar            Mrs. C Carol Ward

Santa William Neely                            Elf Denise Wolf


Dutch Wonderland


We will arrive by bus at 10 am

Since opening on May 20, 1963, Dutch Wonderland has consistently been recognized as a premier family theme park near Philadelphia, PA and has been voted one of the Top 5 Best Kids Parks in the World by Amusement Today magazine. We invite you to plan a visit to find out why generations of families have visited us and proclaimed us to be A KINGDOM FOR KIDS!

I dont know of a better way to wind down then to be at Dutch Wonderland and seeing the childrens eyes as we enter the park, and not only theirs but also the parents, and make our way to the Train. It is so cool to see the Santas and Mrs. Claus’s take their seat and ride the train around the park. This will be our third year and it is still as wonderful as the first. After the train ride we will tour the park, sit on a bench and greet the children or climb into a bumper car and I can tell you the kids love it.

Strasburg Railroad

Strasburg PA


When you visit Strasburg Rail Road, the first thing you can expect is an authentic experience of a real steam railroad. The locomotives and passenger cars, (known as “rolling stock”) are not replicas, and our staff members are not reenactors. Strasburg Rail Road has five working steam locomotives and 20 operating passenger cars, including our President’s Car, First-Class Parlor Car, First Class Lounge, and our Dining Car. All equipment is restored and maintained on-site in our Mechanical Shop.

Turkey Hill Experience and lab


The Turkey Hill Experience features interactive exhibits allowing you to learn about dairy culture, the story of Turkey Hill Dairy, and how the company’s ice cream and iced tea flavors are selected and created. You will truly experience what it’s like to be a Turkey Hill Dairy ice cream maker for a day, including the opportunity to create your own virtual ice cream flavor. In addition, you can sit in our vintage milk truck, milk our mechanical cows, star in your very own Turkey Hill commercial, and enjoy plenty of free samples of iced tea and ice cream! Visit the Turkey Hill Experience in Columbia, PA – right here in Lancaster County.

Village Green Miniature Golf

Strasburg, Pa


Here at Village Greens Miniature Golf, we like to think of ourselves as something more than just your typical mini-golf course.  Nestled in the beautiful Pennsylvania countryside just west of Strasburg, we have the perfect setting for an amazing golf course.  Both of our courses offer something unique, from golfing in mature woods surrounded by colorful flowers to listening to the gurgle of a rushing stream as it makes its way through our miniature mill’s waterwheel.  Keep your eyes open and you’ll see fish, turtles, and many smiles coming from the happy golfers you encounter.  We are proud to be locally owned and family operated.  It makes a difference that our customers can see.  Come out today to relax, get some fresh air, and have a great time!

Fashion Show

Fashion Show 2019

Come One! Come All!! Pack your favorite outfits to wear for Fashion Show 2019!! We know how you love to show off your creative outfits to other Santas and Mrs. Cs!  Wonder what Santa Howie and Santa Dan will have in store for us this year! We are back in the Palm Court for the Fashion Show on Saturday evening! Please feel free to email me if you have any questions! See me at registration in our Hospitality Room and let me know if you will be walking the “red carpet” and what you will be wearing! We are going to have so much fun again this year!

Mrs. C Annette Falkevitz