About Us

Many years ago, we were sitting around having lunch and decided to have a get together with Our Brothers and Sisters. We wanted to take a few days to:

LEARN: There is no better way to learn than gathering with your peers.

TEACH: It’s a time to come together to enhance our knowledge of bringing happiness and smiles to all.

RELAX: Take off your boots and let your beard down. The New Season is around the corner.

CONVERSE: Okay its time to tell your stories. Pull up a chair and after a few stories and a lot of laughter it is 1 am and time for bed. Where does the time go when you are with friends.

NETWORK: Friendships being made for years to come.

Santa Gathering is not affiliated with any group nor does it charge any dues. It is just a fun time for All Santas and Mrs. Clauses to come together year after year. We hope you will join us!