Mrs. Clauses and Elves,

Here is a great class opportunity for you to consider for September’s Santa Gathering 2023.  Our Christmas Headpiece class can only accept 20 participants so we hope you’ll sign up early with your Event Registration.  You can also check out our outings and also add them to your shopping cart before you check out and pay.

Mrs. Claus Linda

Class by Nancy Hopkins

Material Fee:  $15.00


It doesn’t matter if you have short hair, long hair, are a Mrs. Claus or an Elf, come have some fun making a Christmas headpiece.

With an assortment of festive craft items, we will create fun headpieces using wire wrapping technique. Extra embellishments will be available for you to customize your headpiece, but we also invite you to bring your own trimmings to help create a unique accessory for your Christmas outfits.

Come meet your instructor, Nancy Hopkins, a Mrs. Claus, and experienced crafter. Nancy taught the very popular bracelet making class at Santa Gathering 2022. Let her guide you through creating your own one-of-a-kind treasure! If you are an expert or if this is your first-time crafting, this class is for you. Supplies are included and extra glue guns are available for use.   Class size is limited to 10 per class and we are offering 2 classes.  

Material fee: $15 

Mrs. Claus & Elves Luncheon – Friday, September 8th
The Theme of the luncheon is TEDDY BEARS!  Because Mrs. Claus and Elves are generous and thoughtful, we have contacted the local police department in Lancaster and we are going to collect NEW Teddy Bears for the police to use when interacting with children.  They will keep these in the trunks of their cars in sealed 2-gallon zipper top bags and they can use them to comfort and console children while performing their jobs.

Because space is an issue – storing them and carrying them – we cannot accept hundreds of bears.  If you wish to participate, please choose one special bear to donate.  You can donate a bear whether you attend the luncheon or not.

BEARS – please be sure the bear is clean and new and under 12 inches tall from head to feet.

Wear your Teddy Bear accessories and show off your Christmas fun!  Please dress in your casual attire and plan to enjoy a very relaxing fun time.

Go to our SHOPPING & PAYMENT PAGE to purchase your luncheon ticket. Mrs. Clauses and Elves are welcome to join in the Santa Pizza party if they are not interested in joining us upstairs for a special lunch on Friday, September 8th.

So BEARy excited to see you in September,

Mrs. Claus Linda Yuengel

Santa Gathering, Mrs. Claus Luncheon Chair