Mrs. Claus

Hello Mrs. Clauses,

While our event for 2020 was cancelled because of Covid19, we are excited to prepare for Santa Gathering 2021!  The committee has a dedication to the Mrs. Clauses that attend our event and we have listened to your feedback and are creating programs specific to Mrs. C, as well as programs for both you and Santa.

We will be including a Mrs. Claus Tea to allow for socializing and getting to know each other.  Reservations will be required for the Tea.  The Santas will be attending a Pizza Party at the same time so no one is left out. 

We are working on different presentations that would appeal to all of us, the solo Mrs. Claus and those that work with Santa.

The entire Gathering will be attending the Lancaster Central Market; we will again ride the Strasburg Railroad and see the faces of the delighted children as we enter Dutch Wonderland.

Stay safe and healthy as we move through this Holiday Season and be sure to mark your calendars for the 2021 event!

Santa Gathering 2021  September 8th – 12th, 2021!  

Carol and Linda