Mrs. Clauses & Elves

Hello Mrs. Clauses & Elves,

We enjoyed an outstanding Santa Gathering 10th Anniversary event in 2021 and we are already making plans for 2022!  While the title of the gathering says, “Santa Gathering”, it is a gathering of all Christmas performers including Mrs. Clauses and Elves.  We are trying to grow and offer more training opportunities and vendor products that our Elves and Mrs. Clauses can appreciate.  

It was unanimous – we are again going to host a Mrs. Claus & Elves luncheon. As we move forward, we are rethinking the menu and will keep the social time open and inviting to conversations.  

As we close out 2021, we thank you all for your feedback and compliments following our September Gathering. Enjoy your Christmas season and we’ll update everyone in the new year.

Your Santa Gathering Committee